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Product development is process development as well

Software is a supporting component in a process that accomplishes something useful more efficiently than others.

Your product is more than the tech

New founders often misunderstand product development. They equate the website to their product.

A startup’s product is very rarely the technology itself. It’s an entire process for accomplishing something and then optimizing it using tech.

Most of your value is in your processes

They either don’t realize or don’t value the systems and processes that exist outside the software. In Supplybunny, that’d be things like supplier onboarding, or customer service, or advertising.

Supplybunny’s product ultimately isn’t the platform – it’s tail-end sales. The platform is a tool to accomplish that more effectively and efficiently than others.

The real work lies in figuring out what to do, the steps to do it as efficiently as possible, and only then building the tech to make it even more so.

That’s what Do Things That Don’t Scale means, and it is doubly true for marketplaces.

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