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There are several ways that you can contribute if you wish.


If you’ve found the lessons useful, or know someone who might email, tweet and post them and encourage them to let me know what they thought.

Let me know what you think

Under each lesson there is a link like this: Email me about this page (

Let me know what you think, and if you have a moment, please fill in the pre-populated template.

Contribute a lesson

I’m looking forward to having others submit lessons that I haven’t covered. Lessons should be:

  1. Correct
  2. Important
  3. Novel

If you wish to contribute a lesson that ticks those boxes please email me.

Please include:

  1. Title preferably worded as an instruction
  2. 3-5 bullet points that would correspond to headings. Broadly, the lessons follow the format:
    1. Current situation
    2. Which is bad because
    3. So, instead do it this way
    4. In order to get a benefit
  3. A real example of a situation where you learned this lesson from

When your lesson is published, I will add your name, a blurb, and a link of your choice as attribution. You will also be added to the contributors page forever. You can take a look at Build polite software to see what it looks like.

Note that if you decide to contribute, you’ll have to agree to grant me rights to distribute it as I see fit. Your attribution will stay no matter what, and you’ll remain free to re-publish it elsewhere if you so choose.

I am not, however, in a position to pay contributors at the moment.

Do you want to write something but don’t have an idea? I have a backlog of lesson ideas. I’d welcome help to complete them. Please email me.

Or email me

Basically, feel free to get in touch.

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