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You might get customers that you weren't planning on

Listen closely to their feedback because they are actively looking for a solution to a problem.

You start with an idea about who your customers are

In the beginning, you will have an idea of the type of customers you are planning on targeting.

But you might acquire customers who don’t fit that mold

Pay close attention to customers who seek you out on their own. That indicates that they might also face a similar issue. Given that they found you, it might be even more serious to them.

See why they’re there and if their pain points align with what you are building.

Their feedback often carries even more weight because they have demonstrated that they are actively looking for a solution.

Supplybunny began as a platform to identify trends in FMCG. We quickly on-boarded suppliers that carried baking ingredients. Soon after, we started getting a lot of bakeries and restaurants looking for supplies. We paid attention to their pain point and pivoted towards food ingredients.

Similarly, during the Covid-19 lockdowns we started getting more individual customers. We realized that grocery e-commerce was getting overwhelmed. Existing companies simply couldn’t handle the surge. A portion of their customer started going to Supplybunny and ordering in bulk. We then made adjustments to be able to serve them better.

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