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Use fewer tools but more completely

Their features are nearly identical, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Pick the one most of your people are familiar with.

There are lots of tools

As you come across more tools with fancy features, you’ll be tempted to implement them all. But this is a trap.

Tool evaluation and switching is yak shaving. It makes you think that you’re doing something useful, but it’s just useless busy-work, most of the time.

Most tools have nearly identical features

There is rarely, if ever, a single killer feature that makes using a tool a necessity.

Features are almost always nearly identical so switching from one tool to the other provides little, if any, value.

So focus on making use of existing tools as fully as you can

After you select a tool, you should make full use of it.

Make sure your team can use them

The key criterion for selecting a tool is how many of your team members can already use it well. You should be heavily biased towards this.

Otherwise, it takes a lot of time to use them properly

You won’t have enough time to integrate and use them to their full extent.

Furthermore, using fewer tools means you can get complete context in each.

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