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Not everyone's opinion is equal

Don't ask an accountant about routing algorithms.

Talking to users is one of the most important activities. Volumes have been written about how to do it correctly. Therefore, I wont re-hash all of the advice here.

At the same time, doing it incorrectly can be extremely harmful.

One of the problems is that, as harsh as it may sound, not everyone’s opinion is equally important.

But when you think about it, it’s common sense.

Listening to an accountant when building a profit and loss statement is obvious. But there are better people to talk to when looking for advice about routing algorithms.

Similarly, the company CEO won’t mention the same problems as the warehouse managers. But if you are building a product for warehouse management, you might need to listen more to the warehouse manager.

Not all investor advice is created equal either. An investor experienced in your niche is more relevant to you than a career banker.

Talking to the wrong people leads you towards building the wrong thing

Not only does this mean that you would waste time working on the incorrect thing, but you might also ruin parts of what you already have that are good.

To mitigate this, you need to do talk to customers correctly and to the correct customers. And then you need data to back up any feedback you uncover.

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