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Don't create silos

It's better for everyone to know what's happening.

You’ll start by creating separate chat groups

When startups grow beyond just the co-founders, they sometimes end up unintentionally creating silos. Often this starts innocently enough by creating separate groups for separate teams.

But in the early stages, it’s best if everyone knows what’s going on

This is a mistake for early-stage startups. Everyone should be aware of every issue and every process. The details of how every decision is made might not need to be broadcast, but the reasoning should be clear. Having an opaque process is very harmful.

Early employees should all be more or less instrumental in driving the company’s direction. They should be able to support any other department. And they’re all a department of one effectively.

Everyone’s input must be valuable not just for their role, but for other areas they can assist in.

Especially if you hire right

Hiring right means that your hires should be capable of seeing how their expertise can help in a separate field as well.

By having everyone aware of the situation, you gain cross-disciplinary input from a bunch of clever people.

Even as you grow, at the very least, some team leads should be present in all discussions.

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